Golden Globes 2013 - Top 3

 1. Hayden Panettiere (Roberto Cavalli)

 2. Kate Hudson (Alexander McQueen)

3. Jessica Alba (Oscar de la Renta)

Those were my faves out of the red carpet dresses. 
The style of them is similar, the wide kind of bottom seems to be trending at this year's Golden Globes. 


Motivation dropssss

Worst moment of the year has arrived these days, the feeling of not havin any motivation... for school stuff!
I want to shop, sport, sleep, work, do everything what i can imagine but school IMPOSSIBLE.
No discipline at all, i'm a terrible example of a student.

SOS help... beep


Cry cry bummer

Today i found out something stupid. Didn't ruin my day though, but it could when i was in a bad mood.
So i went shopping with my mum in Rotterdam and visited the departement store Bijenkorf.

Last week i bought a necklace @ Swarovski over there and what did i see?! They started a kind of extra sale where they've lowered prices of random items again............. LIKE MY NECKLACE. 

Of course. 40€ extra off. NO NO NO.

Worst part of it, i thought of returning the item & buying it again for the new price. But of course not, suddenly they don't return sale-items. And the girl at the counter was like 'hihiihh too bad, we didn't know there was going to be an extra sale'.
Well f*ck off Bijenkorf with giving me this crappy talk.

But allright as i said, it didn't ruin my day. Still got my necklace on sale, even though i could've saved another 40€.


Home alone

I'm not havin a holiday this year, i mean like going on a two week trip or something. Time to find some money, spend some time in Holland, work a bit on my graduation project which ends in October. 
Mehhh everyone is going. But hey 6-7 July i'm in Belgium for some shopping time in Antwerp & Bruxelles with my mum.

Bonsoir tout le monde


♥ Notre Dame de Paris

I wanna see this musical. Cannot understand all the French songs but it's so intense. I love the voice of this singer Garou who plays Quasimodo.



Arghhh when i passed my deadline by the end of May, i neeed to go to Antwerpz to visit Forever21, have some kriek beer & chill out. My public transportation card expires around August, so i need to have some last profit of it.
When i don't pass the deadline i'm miserable and failed, because then i'll graduate in October. NO GIVE ME JUNE.